The #1 Wrist-Wearable Toddler Tracker for Parental Peace of Mind

2x Award-Winning toddler tracker in the USA. 

Littlebird Toddler CareTracker is the smallest ever LTE GPS-enabled device that tells you where your child is located, who they are with, what they are doing, and how they are feeling.

Metrics tracked include: 

  • Heart Rate
  • Sleeping Patterns
  • Mood Trends
  • Location
  • And More!

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Know That Your Child is OK & Safe, From Anywhere with Certainty

Never miss a moment of your toddler’s day. Easily communicate with your caregiver in-app with texts, photos, videos, and updates.

Get notified when your child travels out of sight and see their live location on demand via 24/7 GPS.

Reduce Anxiety, Stay Connected with Your Child From a Distance

Working parents spend more time worrying about their kids (37 hours per week) than they actually get to spend with them (between 55-120 minutes per day).

Littlebird helps parents feel present while physically apart. 

Waterproof & BPA-Free Wearable That Prevents Accidents and Danger

Be prepared for things kids are prone to (i.e. splashes, liquid accidents) and keep your toddler safe by tracking their heart rate, activity, sleep, and location on demand.

Littlebird meets safety standards for skin tolerance and sensitivity allowing your toddler to comfortably wear without irritation.

The YMCA Loves Littlebird

Two teams. One goal. 

The YMCA and Littlebird partnership strives to advance social-emotional health and access to health equity via care transparency for families, particularly the parents and caregivers of young children in underserviced demographics. 


Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Catch imbalances early.

With key biometric tracking for heart rate, sleep patterns, and more you can spot problems before they become more serious or life-threatening.

Take preventative measures to protect your toddler.


The ONLY Wearable on the Market That Can Tell You WHO is with Your Child

With the BlueTooth Hand-Off feature, know which caregiver is supervising your child and receive status updates via the app.

No WiFi required, use a cellular connection to track your toddler anywhere.

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